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Spain Attacking Sessions Book



A This book includes chapters on how to play in all the different phases of the game and against various different oppositions and formations. The first 3 chapter are based on attacking against teams which defend in the low, the middle and the high zone. Chapters 4, 5 and 6 focus on the transition from defence to attack in the low, middle and high zone. Learn Exactly How Spain Found Attacking Solutions for Every Tactical Situation with Sessions Such as:
  • Passing through the Midfield Line in the Centre
  • Fast Break Attacks
  • Transition to Attack from the Low Zone: Passing through the Lines
  • Quick Transition to Attack when Defending a Corner Kick
  • Attacking in and Around the Penalty Area
Practice Topic Samples:
  • Quick Finishing in a 2 Zone 6 v 6 (+4) Small Sided Game
  • One Touch Combination Play and 3rd Man Run with Finishing
  • 6 (+4) v 4 Possession Play in the Centre Transition Game
  • Crossing & Finishing with Quick Transitional Wide Counter Attacks
  • Switching Positions to Create Space in a 6 v 6 (+4) End to End Possession Game
  • Transition to Defence / Attack in a 4 (+2) v 4 Possession Game
  • Possession Play & Pressing in a 4 (+3) v 4 Transition Game


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