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Coaching 3-5-2 Defending Book


The Juventus 3-5-2 System of Play, Tactics, Each Player’s Responsibilities, Positioning & Movement With Every Possible Phase of Play

  • 236 Pages
  • 54 Tactical Analysis Topics
  • 12 Sessions
  • 40 Practices
  • U14-Pro Level


Coaching the Juventus 3-5-2

Tactical Analysis and Sessions:



There are 54 tactical analysis topics which have been used to produce 12 sessions (40 practices) including functional practices, opposed/unopposed zone play, game situations, transition games and small sided games.

Juventus have won 4 consecutive Serie A league titles (2012-2015) which included an incredible 49 game unbeaten run. They scored 291 goals (1.91 per match) with a total win percentage of 72%. During this time they also won the Coppa Italia and reached the Champions League final in 2014.



Juv stats table



As the impressive stats tell you, Juventus are a very successful defensive team. They focus on maintaining a numerical advantage at the back, pressing to force the ball wide, tightly marking all potential receivers, keeping a compact formation and blocking through passes.

There are 54 tactical analysis topics which have been used to produce 12 sessions (40 practices) including:

  • Functional Practices
  • Opposed/Unopposed Zone Play
  • Game Situations
  • Small Sided Games
  • Transition Games
  • Small Sided Games


This book will enable you to coach your team to defend like one of the most successful defensive teams in Europe and shows you how exactly how Juventus defended, providing the positioning and movement of the players in all possible game situations.


Session and Practice Topic SAMPLES:

  • Horizontal Shifts of the Centre Backs (Pressure, Cover and Balance)
  • Cohesive Movements of the Centre Backs: When to Drop Back and When to Push Up
  • Defending an Open Ball Situation in a 4 Zone Positional Practice
  • Defending Against 2 Opposition Forwards by Applying Pressure, Providing Cover and Maintaining Balance
  • Defending With the Wing Back On the Weak Side in an Effective Position
  • Retaining Shape and Cohesion to Block Through Passes in Midfield
  • Defending Against the Opposition Midfield (Pressure, Cover and Balance
  • Defending Against the Opposition Midfield in a 3 v 3 End Zone Game
  • Defensive Reactions to Retain a Numerical Superiority When Closing Down the Full Back Against the 4-2-3-1
  • Defensive Positioning of the Forwards to Block Passes into Midfield
  • Pressing With the Front Block and Preventing the Switch of Play in a Dynamic 7 v 7 Game
  • Pressing on the Flank With the Opposition Winger in a Deep Position – Functional Practice


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