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FC Barcelona Training Session – 160 practices from 34 tactical situations


Learn how to Train your Team the ‘Barca Way!’ 160 Practices Created from 34 Real Game Situations

  • 244 Pages
  • 160 Practices
  • 34 Tactical Situations
  • U12-Pro Level



FC Barcelona Training Sessions

160 Practices from 34 Tactical Situations

Learn to Coach your Team the ‘Barca Way’

This special book contains tactical and technical exercises that have been formulated from the tactical situations which are presented in the book ‘FC Barcelona: A Tactical Analysis – Attacking and Defending’.

This book has 2 main aims:

1. To deeply analyse how and why Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, possibly the best team of all time, used their specific tactics in different game situations.

2. Provide you with a training session for each tactical situation with progressive practices.

Barca Way

Learn how to coach your team to play like ‘Barca Way’


This analysis has been used to produce 34 sessions (160 practices) including: quick passing functional practices, patterns of play, possession games, transition games, opposed/unopposed zone play, game situations and small sided games.


Practice Topic Samples:

  • First Touch and Awareness Passing Sequence
  • Passing Through the Midfield Line 3 Zone Possession Game
  • Changing the Direction of Play in a 2(+5) v 4 Possession Game
  • Creating Space for the Wingers in a Dynamic 2 Zone SSG
  • Using the Correct Body Shape in a 4v4 (+5) Possession Game
  • Creating Passing Options in a Dynamic End Line Game
  • Receive, Turn and Pass in Limited Space
  • Building Up From the Back Pattern of Play
  • 5v4 (+1) Position Specific 3 Zone Combination Game
  • Chain Reaction Pressing High Up the Pitch in Side Zones
  • Dynamic Pressing & Counter Attack Game


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