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Football Conditioning Book – Periodization | Seasonal Training | SSG


Your Chance to Learn from a World Leading UEFA Pro Licence, Sport Science and Fitness Coach.

Apply Modern Coaching Methods and Football Science Principles to Develop your Players All Season Round.

  • 155 Pages
  • 79 Topics
  • 30 Practices
  • U15-Pro Level


Football Conditioning

A Modern Scientific Approach

Periodization | Seasonal Training | Small Sided Games

Your Chance to Learn from a World Leading UEFA Pro Licence, Sport Science and Fitness Coach

The primary aim Football Conditioning Book:

The primary aim of this book is to help you make use of the modern coaching methods and football science principles and educate coaches working with players of all ages and levels. This book will help you increase the efficiency of all your training sessions and ensure that key components of the game (technical, tactical, physical and physiological) are being developed in conjunction with each other, rather than in isolation, which is fundamental to the development of football players.

In “Football Conditioning” book 2 we focus on:

  • Periodization
  • Seasonal Football Training and Practices
  • The benefits of Small Sided Games
  • Small Sided Games: Training Drills
  • Transition Games
  • (30 Practices) for coaches to implement into their training sessions

Part 1 of the book set focuses on Fitness Training, Speed & Agility and Injury Prevention.

Topic Examples:

  • Training Periodization and Fatigue Management in Football
  • Effect of Interval Training on Physical Fitness and Fatigue
  • Intermittent (Stop-Start) Exercises
  • Training Principles / Methods
  • Repeated Sprint Ability: Recommendations for Training
  • Physiology of Small Sided Games Training in Football
  • Periodization of Small Sided Games


30 Practices including:

  • Continuous High Intensity 3 v 3 Duels
  • High Intensity Pressing and Quick Shooting in a 4 v 4 Attack vs Defence Practice
  • End to End Possession and Intense Pressing (3 v 7) in a Transition Game
  • Pressing to Win the Ball Back Quickly in an 8 v 4 Transition Game
  • Quick Break Attacks in a 3 Team Small Sided Game


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