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Spain Attacking Sessions Book


Learn How to Attack and Coach Your Team to Play Like “The Best National Team in the World”.

  • Level: U12-Pro
  • Goal Analysis: 48
  • Sessions: 31
  • Practices: 140
  • Pages: 272


Spain Attacking Sessions

140 Practices from Goal Analysis of the Spanish National Team


Learn how to coach your team to play like “the best national side in the world” with 140 practices organised into 31 ready-made sessions

This top class book “Spain Attacking Sessions” is the 2nd in a series of books which provide you with a blueprint of how to attack and score goals like the world’s best teams.

Michail is a UEFA ‘A’ license coach and has provided a full and extensive analysis of the Spanish National Team’s best goals during the 2008-2012 period when Spain won Euro 2008, the World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012.

This goal analysis has been used to produce 31 ready-made sessions (140 practices) including: functional technical practices, patterns/phases of play, possession games, transition games, opposed/unopposed zone play and small sided games.

You, the coach, can learn how to train your team in the same style as Spain and adapt your own training methods to produce outstanding results.

A This book includes chapters on how to play in all the different phases of the game and against various different oppositions and formations. The first 3 chapter are based on attacking against teams which defend in the low, the middle and the high zone. Chapters 4, 5 and 6 focus on the transition from defence to attack in the low, middle and high zone.


Learn Exactly How Spain Found Attacking Solutions for Every Tactical Situation with Sessions Such as:

  • Passing through the Midfield Line in the Centre
  • Fast Break Attacks
  • Transition to Attack from the Low Zone: Passing through the Lines
  • Quick Transition to Attack when Defending a Corner Kick
  • Attacking in and Around the Penalty Area


Practice Topic Samples:

  • Quick Finishing in a 2 Zone 6 v 6 (+4) Small Sided Game
  • One Touch Combination Play and 3rd Man Run with Finishing
  • 6 (+4) v 4 Possession Play in the Centre Transition Game
  • Crossing & Finishing with Quick Transitional Wide Counter Attacks
  • Switching Positions to Create Space in a 6 v 6 (+4) End to End Possession Game
  • Transition to Defence / Attack in a 4 (+2) v 4 Possession Game
  • Possession Play & Pressing in a 4 (+3) v 4 Transition Game


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